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The QUANTA is Finally HERE!

Before I could even find the words to tell you! The Quanta has already been landing in the laps of those who are called for transformation and greatness! You, my dear, will not be left behind! If you haven't seen or heard, The Quanta is your brand new manifestation guide! you will be learning a brand new way of successful Manifestation using the Science of Magic(k), which is also known as Quantum Physics! I have worked hard to deliver this book of secrets and self discovery and i know you will appreciate it as much as I-and the rest of your peers- do!

Take a peek at The Quanta series I have dropped on Instagram, Tiktok, Threads, and now Youtube where you will get sneak peeks at some of the concepts expanded upon within the book. Ive even made The Quanta accessible as an Ebook! You can start manifesting with the simple swipe of a finger on your screen! For those who love the traditional paperback, like yours truly. You will get access to ordering a physical copy on September 1st!

I’m so excited to gift you with what I’ve used to become a brand new version of myself. I’ve even reclaimed parts of myself I’ve lost that I missed so dearly. Gained a new lifestyle and mindset and ended up in places I never thought I’d be.

The Quanta has reached you right on time!


For those who have been waiting for The QUANTA' s release, thank you so much for all the congratulations on the big release! It’s impressive to see y’all using the tools, tips, & tricks given in The QUANTA so quickly! Y’all! God always shows me more than I even asked for! The same is very possible for you once you understand your current state and how to use it!

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Follow all Social Media @buelistic to get the breakdown of Quantum Physics and Spirituality using examples from my Book as well as more solo music, music with Lunar Lace and my Visual Artistry!

Be bold, my love! and as always! Be Buelistic!


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