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Who Is Bueli Njheri                   Events

Bueli N’jheri. A Jamaican-American, United States based multi-hyphenate Artist on her way to becoming the embodiment of iconism. Hailing from Fort Lauderdale Florida. A Singer, Tattoo artist, Illustrator, Dancer - Entertainer. And through every medium she narrates stories with bright, saturated colors, line-work, and mystical meaning.

She's created art her entire life but sparked a true passion for her craft in high school (2014) while discovering South Florida’s unique underground Music scene. First selling her artwork at those events. She networked & shared space with many of our South Florida current day legends (Kodak Black, Denzel Curry, Rob Regis, Distortedd, etc). Soon after, booked and busy was her business. Buelistic became the name of her business and then the name she became known for. Bueli then had the honor to design for and tour with her cousin, The late Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, also known as XXXTentacion & Members Only. A wave that transformed Buelistic as an artist. It brought a new side of her artistry, one with more activism, less censorship and brutally important political messages for ton.

Quickly growing an audience primarily through her artwork, She then created my own events and her supporters followed suit! She also created her own platform as Founder & Captain of, an eclectic POC produced Collective compiled of creatives residing on both coasts of North America with the demand for their artistry and activism. Members of her team recognized she had a spiritual focus underlying all of the work they've created together and urged her to lean more into it. She then became a Medicinal tattoo artist, providing spiritual, trauma specific healing and establishing cultural connections through her tattoos.

In more recent times she created a large audience on TikTok through her vocals, tattoos and polarizing opinions, generating multiple videos that have already grown over 2 million views each. The largest video reaching 4 million views to date. This brought interviews throughout South Florida, California, Jamaica and China!

Bueli is transparent, bold, unapologetic in all that she does. She has worked hard to heal others as well as herself and through her work, she knows she's truly made an impact and  intends on expanding on her focus. In celebration of her transformation. This year she's dropped her debut single “Anxiety” which is available on all platforms. Shes been blessed to be placed on Spotify Playlists with wonderful artists like SZA, Chloe & Halle, Doechii, Rico Nasty and more. We're excited to continue to show that Bueli is an artist you need in your rotation.

Stay Buelistic

-ArtWalk                                                  (2014/2015)

-Creative District 3                                           (2015)

-Creative District 4                                          (2015)

-Conceptual Vaginas                                       (2015)

  -Cream Social Art Basel                                 (2015)

-Food for Thought                                            (2015)

-Off the Leash                                                    (2015)

-Summer Solstice                                              (2015)

-Conceptual Women’s Clothing                     (2015)

-Senior Art Showcase                                      (2016) 

-Miami Urban Music & Film Festival          (2016)

-Something About Now                                   (2016)

-Archives                                                             (2016)

-Wav’s                                                                  (2016)

-ODDISTIC                                                         (2016)

-Deep Sensations                                               (2017)

-A Spoken Few                                                   (2017)

-Spectrum                                                            (2017)

-CDV                                                                     (2017)

-Elysian Art Gathering                                    (2018)

-WorldWideWavs Tour                                   (2018)

-A Sacred Beautiful                                           (2018)

-CD6                                                                     (2018)

- A Black Arts Show                                          (2019)

-Good Fortune                                                   (2019)

-Black Art Show                                                (2019)
-iBloom                                                                (2019)

-The Art of Hip Hop                                         (2019)

-HipHopForChange Event(s)             (2019/2020)

-The Soul Heavy Series                                   (2020)
-Speaking My Language:the love edition  (2020)

-Quarentine Graduate Exhibition                (2020)

-Ink Therapy                                                       (2021)

-Spiritual Ballroom                                           (2021)

-Squid Games 2.                                                 (2022)


When purchasing Buelistic clothing or artwork, post a photo with your purchase and tag #Buelistic to be featured on our social media and our website!

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