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AKILI NKOSI: Artist of the Month

While I introduce to you a King...

Alexa, Play Madonna- Vogue lightly in the back ground



Who is Akili Kenyatta Nkosi?

Simply put, A Buelistic! But he's so much more. He is The "happy-ass, black, boi", from Los Angeles, California. He identifies as Pansexual with a knack for artistry as expressive and fluid as his gender.

His chosen medium of expression includes but isn't limited to photography and modeling. With his past rooted in Performance Art like dancing, he uses that as a bridge to aid himself in creating unique content. His work is absolutely irresistible. He contributes to the idea of equal representation for minority groups. Specifically, Black members of the LGBTIA+ community.

I was introduced to Akili Nkosi through a mutual friend at a networking event focused on Blackness within the Arts. We immediately bonded through our work and creative visions. About a year later, he joined my team,, and I have been enthralled by his work ever since. It was inevitable that he is won Artist of the Month!

In Jen Garcia's (@jengar) latest photography series featuring Akili- which you currently have access to within this article- She gave us Akili Nkosi's first shoot in the nude. Something I describe as A most radical and gentle document of black masculinity.

Jen, this shoot allows us to ponder the true meaning of black femininity & black masculinity. Where exactly this work falls on the spectrum on fluidity? What does this mean for the future of representation for the community? For the Culture? Honestly,You are doing amazing, sweetie! Your work is consistently beautiful. I cant wait to see more!

Shockingly, this specific shoot was "politely" declined by Yummy Magazine(@yummyzine) due to Akili not "fitting in" to the aesthetics of the magazine. A magazine that typically- sorry, I meant ONLY*- displays White Skin.

Although this type of denial is something that majority of black creatives experience on the daily. I for one, believe in divine timing. I am honored to be the first to feature this gorgeous series! I believe it is only right that a member of Akili's Community, should be the one(s) to actively support and display this work. Big ShoutOut's to my fellow Black creatives, Black Business Owners, and Black bodies period!

"I wanted to place emphasis on this shoot in order to place an emphasis on visibility for my community...It doesn't surprise me that I have been overlooked for whatever reason when i am everything and more... I look forward to creating with more artists"- A.K.N

While most Black men are displayed as Dominant, barbaric, and Scary within worldwide media, His creations, a reflection of his existence, intentionally fights back as he displays himself as a stark contrast. You may often see his work, sporting a firm, more vulnerable vibe with complimentary colors on a soft-lens.

Be sure to follow Akili as he actively decolonizes the media! @happyassblackboi

For your work, we raise a glass to you. Congratulations Akili Nkosi for being Buelistic.

Ladies, Gentlemen, and everyone outside and in between, we present, Our Artist of the Month, The Happiest Black Boi


You can find the completed series @

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