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Today, Personal Publishing students from California College of the Arts in San Francisco, will officially launch their website that archives their latest projects collected as “PERSONAL SPACE”. Students will share insights from their semester in Personal Publishing and a little behind the scenes about their projects.

We will be linking up on #ZoomUniversisty to experience their works first hand and participate in their publishing as well.

Each of these projects is an individual reflection on 2020. Students defined their own content and form to amplify an idea they wanted to make public.

We have to give a special shoutout to Bueli N'jheri. Illustrator and participant in this classes collection. We wouldn't know about this celebration if Bueli didn't give us the inside scoop. Its been difficult to keep up with events considering that COVID-19 has shut the world down.


A sign of the times,

these project themes run the

gamut from space and (in)visibility,

virtual reality experiences

to visual journals and zines.

We welcome you into our space.


Drop in, check out the work, and B.Y.O. Breakfast!

Join us!

10:00 AM PST — 11:00 AM PST

1:00 PM EST—2:00 PM EST


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