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Thank you so much for all of your support throughout 2021 as Buelistic makes their way into new realms of expression! As you've known before, Buelistic is home to Original Paintings, and affordable prints. We offer Illustration services to aid other entrepreneurs in growing their businesses and bringing your ideas into reality. In late 2020, we introduced Tattoos as a form of Inktherapy for spiritual and creative healing. You welcomed this new form with open arms and now I have a deep comfort with you, my dearest Buelistic. I will be presenting much more.



From The ether, straight into your hands or on your feet! We've got abundant energy on sale!


I have created a collection of Amulets that all have customizable medicinal herbs, spells and intentions placed inside geared for wealth amplification, protection, strength, and clarity. Please note that you can opt out of the medicine included and receive your amulet empty.

This is technically my second batch as the first batch was sold out before its official launch. What began this collection? About 150 Young Buelistics reaching out to me through Instagram (@Buelistic) once they discovered it was I who created amulets for my cousin, The late Jahseh Onfroy, also known as XXXTENTACION, a beautiful, spirituality inclined musician from Broward Florida. After receiving all these messages asking if I can create more, I felt the need to share my craft in a more public way. The things I only provided to my friends and family seemed to be needed even more by, You. Its was only right this collection was introduced. As long as we continue to keep it sacred yet shared with those who can appreciate the form of work.




A brand new Limited Edition Collection of Hand Painted Shoes called th Bue-### Series. (This one of one shoe featured is the Bue-333, a unisex Autumn Camouflage Lowtop sneaker, An Adidas recreation)

Every week from today for the next 3 months, I will be dropping another shoe of a new style as a Thank you, for supporting this work through the Holiday Season. It has always been a dream of mine to partner with shoe companies and create an amazing design with fantastic color way selections. I waited patiently and worked diligently for two years and placed other projects as priority while I completed my Illustration degree and worked in the same field. This year I did not want to watch another amazing idea be neglected. Instead, I will not wait to see or display my own visions, even if I'm the only one who truly gets to enjoy them-luckily, you seem to enjoy my craft as well.

This collection brings me joy, There are so many style already available online now on our "streetwear" page or

And if you'd love to support my mini passion projects. Here are some monetary and nonmonatary ways to give back to Buelistic.

Continue shopping Buelistic

Become a Buelistic- sign up on Homepage

Donate items needed for projects

Volunteer as a model for projects

Take pictures with your

Email and offer any services you may have/provide that you believe can aid Buelistic's quality and growth

(we'd love to use it all)

Happy Holidays My loves, and as always, stay Buelistic


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