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ONLY ON OCT. 31, 2021

Wanna Play A Game?

Come Celebrate Samhain.

The graveyard bells are ringing. We’re here to save your souls from lack of Tricks or Treats! Dig up your best costumes for our contest, Play exhilarating games with our Squid Game Headmasters and Guards, and Win fantastic Treats! Don’t make a grave mistake and come alone.

Lose youselves in outrageous entertainment.


You’ll want to bring plenty of friends with you to celebrate. You definitely need someone to strategize, panic, and watch your back with as you make your way through the games as you face our squid game guards. You’ll need another to eat, drink at our full bar and dance the night away. And one more to be the responsible one and get you home before dawn.

Some of the Treats include all exclusive acces to a professional recording studio, free tattoos, cold hard cash and much more!

I, the head Buelistic and The Cosmic Collective are back with a vengeance. We've gotten bigger- much bigger- and better as we've morphed together for another amazing event! Please join us and Enjoy!

Get your tickets here! Go to our menu and click on the "events" page.

Discounted ticket prices exclusively for Buelistic members and Early Bats.

Location: 2315 Lincoln Ave Alameda, CA


It'll be a spooky night to Dismember, See you there.

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