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I Got Over 1 MILLION Views & Featured EVERYWHERE!



Now bestie, You'd be shocked at how may times I have gone viral already. The best one reaching to over 8 million views. But this one has gotten to take the cake as far as social impact is concerned. I found my face plastered all over YAHOO.COM! The public always shocks me on what they choose to give attention to. Honestly, It overwhelmed my phone and socials so much that I had no time to acknowledge whats been happening since. A mass email isn't exactly the route I thought Id take to address it but its been some time and although the video is still rising, Its much more controlled.

This spike is regarding the debate I sparked about tipping. I spoke out about my opinions and movement with tipping as a tattoo artist as well as my experience with an undeserved tipping consequence with my peers. I am honored by those who chose to interview me to ensure the information they share is accurate and doesn’t defame my character.

I am disappointed in other news teams who felt click-bait titles and false accusations would garner more attention for their business. Those people did more harm than good as I have received many internet stalkers who spam and threaten me till this very day based on very inaccurate assumptions they made from the video. I can only imagine the intensity of these people as I continue to grow but I digress. I am happy to say I have shifted gears from online debates and think pieces to a focus on creating as it is my form of spiritual hygiene. As a last acknowledgement to this Viral moment-enjoy these interviews and my thoughts on it here where you can get access to them all! Stay tuned in! I went viral again and i cant wait to tell you about it!

Major News Feeds I've been featured in!

Daily Dot


Bored Panda


Black Enterprise


News Week

The Premier Daily



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