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A Rather Special Announcment

Ehem! Channeling my inner Lady Whistledown in 3... 2...

My dearest readers,

Esteemed members of the ton, As usual the tea has been served piping hot on my stationary. And amongst the lot we have a rather special announcement. It is my honor to impart to you: The Buelistic Ball. The first formal event geared towards achievement and luxury. A celebration of the 23rd solar return and accomplishments of Bueli N'jheri who also has officially achieved her BFA in Illustration from California College of the Arts. Congratulations, dear!


Now, for those who have received and marked your almanacs, Here are your Ground Rules.

  1. No children or Pets(unless serviced)

  2. Formal Attire Only, and it must be giving (no miniskirts or shorts, no sandals, tennis shoes, no denim, no casual wear)

  3. No extra Attendees. You are allowed one +1. Do not bring your friend, who has a friend, who has a friend. You and only your chosen ONE will be welcomed, so choose wisely.

Your collective prerogative: Enjoy at least one night of grandeur, captivating figures and fashion.

This is a Private event. All of the digital and physical invitations have been sent and responded to. If you have not received an invitation. No worries, you will be invited to the next grand event and will have access to the documentation of this event to experience! I will be sure to keep my pen close during the event as eyes will be turned to Miss N'jheri this summer. Surely, her drive has brought her all the blessings she has received. Congratulations again, honey and have a scandalous summer.

Yours Truly,

Lady Buelistic


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