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What happens when the Universe brings a collective of clairvoyant, young, feminine energy together on the night of a Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse? An experience, no being would EVER want to miss. But if you did, Here is a Recap of the event, including what we took on astrologically, as the energies were used to their fullest potential.

What did this night reveal for us Astrologically?

A Lunar Eclipse, an eclipse in which the moon appears darkened as it passes the earths shadow. And a Blood Moon, when the moon in eclipse seems like a reddish color when the light from the sun passes through the Earth's atmosphere.

This Lunar Eclipse was a very special one for many reasons, but a main reason many Westerners celebrated is because it would be the longest Blood Moon of the century! It lasted an hour and 43 minutes, but the entire shift lasted 4 hours! Unfortunately, the Eclipse would not have been able to be seen for all North Americans, but the energy this moon carries did not leave anyone out of mind.

Well we must consider the rest of the planets, right? While the energy from the eclipse still reigns strong, Mars went into opposition.

That is when the Sun, Earth, and the Moon are all aligned. Making the atmosphere more emotionally charged. And to add on to that, There are currently 6 planets in retrograde! Mars (June 26th- August 27th), Mercury (July 26th-August 19th), Uranus (August 7th- January 6th), Saturn(April 18th- September 6th), Neptune (June 18th-November 24th), and Pluto (April 22nd- September 30th). Making this a summer of reflection. And for those wondering what the heck a retrograde means? It means that, from here, on Earth, a celestial body would appear to be rotating backwards, and that may take control in different aspects of your life depending on the body.


How did we celebrate?

First off, we bring you into a large, earthy, space in Miami, Florida, completely covered in nature. Temperature at its highest, mosquitoes already out so Tiki torches, paired with various valued vendors are already encompassing the area. Each Vendor bringing works including, vegan food, Crystal Works, Tarot readings, Henna Tattoos, Hand stitched clothing, Artworks and more. Trails of earth, leading to beautiful white sanded fields with fountains and stone sculptures of cherubs under white floral arbors. Music, filling the space lightly, as a dancer flies around the pole in front of a large red carriage and bench decorated with vines and floral of all sorts, natural critters taking refuge, adding more of a wispy character to the space. You enter a new world with nothing but creatives strapped with crystals all over their bodies, smudging the space as a collective, all bringing their own herbs, smudging tools like Sage and Palo Santo, even offerings like . In the main shop in the front, items like wands, African Patterned head wraps, Fanny Packs Book bags, crystals, etc could be bought surrounding a large alter, created out of a tree growing right through the center on the shop!

After, all members were able to experience the space and get comfortable with their peers. It was time for a show to begin. The Performances were amazing, set on a stage created in front of a small body of water with candles floating in it. We had a lineup of beautiful black beings of talent from all walks of life, Including myself, the Hostess, and up-and-coming rapper with an old school flare, AFRO, flying all the way from East Oakland, California! I had the honor of introducing beings like Soul Relevant, a quick witted duo who both wrap amazingly, have a grand stage presence, and showed their individual abilities, even throughout a technical problem happening on stage. others like Queen of Fairies, a big energy in a small package. Her lyrics are fun and encouraging, yet you can still get a 'lil ratchet', like we were. We even ended our performances with Alice the Great, a multi-talented teen,serenading us with love songs, playing the guitar and piano, having us all sitting quietly on the wet grass in a semi circle around him, mesmerized. This event brought a myriad of artistry and energy to receive.

Many of our favorite moments included a conscious conversation by Indigenous Empress, followed by a mass meditation under the blood moon, herself. Led by Sunchild in positive affirmations and energy exchange. Healing energies brought by Evolushae and her Singing bowls making our intentions so much more potent under these celestial shifts and By far, the best healing session I have ever had.

This celebration was an event that sparked a wave of clairvoyance, creation, reflection, and break throughs. I thank all the participants and nationwide supporters. And don't worry, even if you've missed this wonderful Transformation with us, it is never to late to stay aware, There is always a next time, so subscribe to the newsletter and stay updated! The next Lunar Eclipse will arrive January 21st, 2019, Shining the most bright in the West Coast of North America! But in the mean time, keep your head up, watch the stars, feel the shifts, work with them all, and as always, Stay Buelistic.


Dedicated to all the participating Creatives

Curator TheArtWiiitch






Jazzy Feelz

Alice the great


Soul Relevent

Becky Mickel's








Morgan Cerese






Dashurial ex




Celestial Eli

















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