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This Digital painting was created coincidently right before the current COVID-19 pandemic swept across our beautiful earth. The phrase "I CANT BREATHE", the titile of this piece, was unfortunately one of George Floyd's last sentences. A racial war has sparked within america at the same time as the pandemic due to the unjust death of George Floyd, a black man tortured and killed by police within America. A disturbingly common story that has plagued the black community especially. #blacklivesmatter. Divine timing never ceases to amaze. Here lies a juxtaposed reminder of the fear many people living with the virus have to currently survive. The idea that no matter the age- unlike the media has been presenting- are ALL susceptible to this  virus. The idea that no matter the achievements of the Black person- unlike the media has been presenting- are all susceptible to racism and police brutality.

Please keep clean, a safe distance, and fight for our rights, before you as well as many others will need the same aid displayed within this highly detailed painting. This piece is avaialbale as a PRINT only.


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