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LOVERS & GENTLEMEN, 2020's Valentine's Day teamed up with the west coast's brightest legends, (west) and graced us with a love- filled, extraordinary night.

We've marked our almanacs, showed up in numbers as a community in love. And whether you were in it for the long-haul, perpetually single, or anything outside and in-between-if it's healthy- we celebrated it!

While most of us planned our outfits and/or performances for the event, took the time to place an acute focus on representing diverse artistry in all platforms, staying true to their motto of mandatory inclusivity. Where better to start than with becoming a partner of HipHopJuiceBox? A Black owned business in the Bay that pays homage to the art of Hip-Hop and keep the body healthy with a large menu of juicing/juice options (alcohol included) . The rest of our cast and crew proudly took up space as well. Some of the other vendors included intuitive healers, Traditional Jewelry and metal workers, Crystal specialists, Tattoo Artists, and much more.

Speakin' my Language was an evening of learnin' n' lovin', collaboration n' exploration, with a focus on understanding positive forms of conversation! Which Brings us to the first activity in the event, a safe space for learning about unique forms of love and communication called "Conscious Conversations: Love language"Led by Aamirah Khafre aka AK. Contributions, based on the Novel, The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Those who volunteered to be apart of the activity-almost everyone did might I add- learned about the different love languages, what they personally identify with as their way of communicating love with others. They also took a look at how we can implement this type of communication with ourselves as individuals as well as with our peers. It was playful, interactive, and thought provoking. Who knows what they come up with next!


As the night went on, our co-hostess', Bueli Njheri, aka Buelistic and AK Contributions served us with unlimited strawberries and coconut whipped cream throughout the entire night. They also provided an array of vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free pastries just as sweet as you, including sugar cookies, bear-claws, muffins, fresh fruits,etc and- who could say NO to that! Especially with the vibe this place was casting-could we talk about it? Red Rose pedal trails, pink and red everything from streamers and banners to the forks and spoons and more!

We have to take a moment to highlight our performers, the energy that came with each act was nothing short of beautiful. There were iconic moments including mass screaming to Ms.Lauryn Hill hymnals, Flexers and Bruk-Up Kings breaking it down to modern love hits, Jazz, HipHop, RNB singers, and the occasional outbursts of 420 spirit- in all it's smokey glory. Our duet Dj's, the energy managers kept our bodies lifted and movin' by throwin' the perfect tracks on the table. Individually, they all added genuine creativity to the mix. We may potentially check in with these creators in the near future so we urge you to keep an eye out on our page and subscribe to our news letter!


After some time of non-stop dancing, Buelistic introduced the second activity, and I bet you can imagine the excitement after all this special treatment! A Speed dating booth was set up on stage for those who wanted to find love could open up and get to know a few beautiful people! how many of us in this digital age can say they been speed dating- I'll wait.

Led by Buelistic, upon arrival, every attendee silently declared whether they were Single, Taken, or Its Complicated and was given a bracelet with a corresponding pattern. That way, no one felt the need to awkwardly state their status to every person who found interest in them, and skipped a number of potential rejection that night. 333. fm felt it was best to minimize the small talk and dive right into the roots of interests- they did only have 5 minutes a round. There were many and inevitably, cupid shot a few arrows that night.


Last but never least, we toast-to you.

The Active Supporter. There were many ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, you chose do it with those who have undeniable spirit, grand intentions for you and your loved ones, laced with unlimited creativity- with us. You may have also chose to check back in and see what we've created. you might have even discovered us for the first time and may choose to join us in the future- we hope you do. And for that effort, we thank you.

Take a minute to watch the recap video of Speakin' my Language: The Love Edition and discover our line up posted below.

Performers @Opineismyname


@niyrobi @officialvenom_










Blessing our Bodies (Tattoos)




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