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Buelistic's Back To School!

"New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings." -Lao Tzu

The summer is unfortunately coming to an end! We've done so much over the summer. Gone to parties and festivals, hung out with old friends, made some new ones. Sat home reading and relaxing for weeks, or even traveling the world. Either way, I hope you enjoyed that time and made the most of it cause the warm breeze, beach bodies, and palm trees are all in transition-and so are we.

Autumn is moving in and moving fast. For many of us, that means the beginning of school. Fall semester. But that isn't the case for all of us, were moving on up in all different kinds of ways. Like getting taller, older, wiser.

Receiving praise and promotions at that secure job. Maybe you've just bought a house, or just moved into your new dormitory space- I hope you've got clean roommates. No matter what you may be transitioning into, you'll need your own space to reside and create in. A space you've placed intention on.


How you decorate your space can say a lot. But what do you want it to say? What do you want this space to represent? If its an office space, do you want fine lines and solid colors for a clean, organized look? If its a Dorm room, do you want bright and saturated patterns for energy and inspiration? All of these things are what we must ask ourselves in order to create the perfect look!

I know, Redesigning an entire space can be quite tedious- and expensive. I know, your probably not in the market for a protractor. And if your putting money into designing, know that it doesn't have to be as hard or as costly as The Property Brothers make it look.

This is why Buelistic is giving you a platform to make your life so much easier. You can spruce up any environment with original affordable items you cant find anywhere else!


With that being said, is having a FALL BACK-TO-SCHOOL SALE! Poster Prints all depicting inspiring colors, various patterns, and concepts! All POSTER PRINTS are 50% off and if you are subscribed to the Buelistic Newsletter- that means you- we will add an EXTRA PRINT in your purchase to complete your package and complement your space! If you are not Subscribed yet, the subscription box is located on the HOME page! You do not want to miss out on this one!

If you are already subscribed to the newsletter, do not worry, we will know in advance that you have pre-subscribed and your free print will come to you automatically. There will soon be updates on Buelistic clothing and artistry for the fall! Be sure to keep up with events and opportunities as well for the incoming holidays! To be apart of the Buelistic website and social media pages, post a photo of you with your new Buelistic item(s) and use the tag #buelistic to be featured! And remember, this sale will be available for 10 days ONLY! On your mark, Get Set, Shop!

And as Always, Stay Buelistic

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